Visit Peekskill, New York

The City of Peekskill, New York is a vibrant, exciting Hudson River city, with a modern cultural vibe, depth and breadth of history, beautiful architecture, and a diverse community with a sense of fun.

People in Peekskill like to be outdoors, whether at street festivals or outdoor cafes, or at the riverfront park and trail, where they can picnic and play. The unique mix of a city surrounded by mountains, and on the banks of the Hudson River, is part of the irresistible charm of Peekskill.

You’ll find new and established eateries, cafes, and breweries; a thriving artists’ community; and a breathtaking waterfront park and trail for walking, biking, or watching the river roll by.

Enjoy a day trip to Peekskill, just one hour from Grand Central Terminal, for unforgettable site-seeing, shopping, and dining, and enjoy live music and the performing arts at the Paramount Hudson Valley Theater.

You don’t need a car; just a pair of walking shoes and a sense of curiosity. Discover why people love to visit Peekskill.

Start your tour, here at the Discover Peekskill website!